Friday, 26 March 2010

Exam essay Plan

Discuss the extent to which the distribution and consumption of media have been transformed by the internet.

Paragraph one – introduction, speak of Tim Burners Lee and the rise of the internet

Paragraph Two – Brief overview of the key theories

Paragraph three – Tapscott & Williams’ theory wikinomics, mention the five big ideas and include opinion of said ideas. 

Paragraph four – Talk about music downloads and piracy. How wikinomics applies to this. also spotify and itunes and such

Paragraph five - The Long tail Theory, cottage industries and niche markets. How products are much more attainable now and distribution costs are cut very very down.

Paragraph six - How newspapers are now charging for online content. Blogging on vlogging are putting the news into the hands of the audience and they create the article.

Paragraph seven - 

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